Office of Management and Budget


The Office of Management and Budget is positioned at the center of a vast and wide portfolio, coordinating policy, budgets, regulations, executive orders, and operations across the Executive Branch. As such, each of OMB’s initial decisions—from budgeting to organizational staffing—will be essential to the administration’s success on climate. Flexibility, responsiveness to a changing environment, and adherence to a clear set of priorities will be critical to OMB helping to foster success across the administration—because, importantly, critical budget, regulatory and management decisions come quickly in the first 100 days, including the following:

  • Executive Orders (days 1-100)
  • FY2021 omnibus deal (as early as February)
  • Potential economic stimulus (as early as February)
  • State of the Union (late February)
  • FY22 President’s budget request (mid-late March)
  • Potential world leaders climate summit (before May 1)
  • Regulation repeal through the Congressional Review Act (first 60 legislative days for rules finalized in last 90 legislative days)
  • President’s Management Agenda (as early as April 1)

Decisions made in the first 100 days will directly impact progress on climate action in the first two years of the first term. Moreover, they will be critical early signals of climate’s importance to domestic and international constituencies.

Lead Authors

Andrew Mayock, former Deputy Director at OMB Fouad Saad, former Branch Chief at OMB Dr. Stephanie Stefanski Jinchen Zou

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